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Business Transformation

Our advisory board provides a sensible balance of general corporate and management experience, together with IT and telecommunication industry and financial experience. Each of our modular staff members has over ten years’ experience of assisting organisations achieve real productivity improvements with their existing technology resources.

Many companies implement new systems and technology as a means to drive business improvement and cost efficiency. When these improvements fail to materialise the technology or the system are blamed.

On examination of why the benefits have failed to flow through, we usually find that despite implementing a new system, the business process and procedures remain the same. In some cases, we have seen workarounds developed so the new system will deliver the same outputs as were previously available.


In short, the business has failed to capitalise on its investment and in most cases has gone backwards due to the time and cost invested to deliver exactly the same results.


Our holistic approach means we look not only at the technology drivers and implementation but at the business outcomes you are aiming to achieve. We then look at the process and people changes necessary in order to fully realise the business efficiency and productivity benefits expected from major technology investments

Organisational Change Management

We assist our clients to define their desired future state and assist them in developing a road map to get there. Most importantly we can assist in establishing a plan to achieve the desired business value for stakeholders


  • Our strategies cover managing organisational change, how to enable system and process change.
  • We assist in the developing the competencies, leadership, structures and metrics that make our clients more change-capable
  • We provide resource counselling and executive coaching
  • Finally, in major change environments we can provide HR outsourcing solutions to enable effective transformation


Business Process Improvement and re-engineering

Our Business Process Reengineering (BPR) framework ensures that processes are redesigned and implemented based on your specific environment.


  • Assessment of Current Process
  • Design of Future Processes
  • Implementation of Recommendations
  • Implementation & Training


This structured approach ensures value and performance improvement across the business whilst supporting the organisational changes required for success. In turn this means that your original investment decision realises the benefits you were expected.


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