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Future Proofing Your Business I.T. Infrastructure
l Protection l Availability l Unification

Solving the Challenges of Business Tomorrow

In today's volatile digital economy, businesses must accommodate rapid technological change, employee working models, customer requirements, and emerging threats. The pressure is on for businesses to get something in production as fast as possible whilst ensuring absolute data security and operational stability.


From an IT and communication perspective, its all about convergence, utilizing advanced Web GUIs to simplify employee and customer self service portals and further simplifying the management, monitoring and growth of storage and virtual machine services.


The big news is Globalgen's infrastructure can now also run virtual machines for operating systems such as FreeBSD, Linux, TrueOS, NetBSD and Windows, and unify even more services including VoIP/SIP Trunking, SAN, NAS, object storage and virtual machine services. Protocols include NFS, SMB, AFP, iSCSI and S3 APIs. Consequently providing businesses with an infrastructure capable of vertical and horizontal growth accommodating all current platforms, devices, and applications, as well as any future unknown requirements.


In short a one-off infrastructure investment model to last decades of unpredictable change to the your business landscape

Globalgen is proud to introduce the most cost-effective and versatile I.T platform available in the market, solving the greatest problems faced by businesses through innovative technologies.



Accommodating Tomorrow's

Employment Models



Creating Sustainable

Business Value

The biggest challenge with future proofing any business is risk management.

IT's all about convergence, utilizing advanced Web GUIs to simplify employee and customer self service portals and further simplifying the management, monitoring and growth of storage and virtual machine services.


By contrast to most traditional architectures, a Future-Proof IT platform requires a solution that combines the flexibility of unified storage, the performance and efficiency of solid state flash drives, the capacity of hard disks, the familiarity and simplified management of virtualization, and white glove enterprise support.


  • Scalable standardized building blocks to enable scaling of storage and compute independently.
  • True CACHE Hybrid Storage Pools with intelligent optimization including in-line compression and deduplication at no additional cost
  • Unlimited block level snapshots and replication protecting data against Ransomware and other Malware  and providing secure disaster recovery that is simple to implement and maintain
  • IT infrastructure at 70% lower TCO than AWS and other legacy systems.
  • Choice and control over data, telephony. and application service providers enabling mix/matching Trunks for unified communication capabilities.
  • Open Standards accommodating the unknown OS and applications of years to come.
  • Finally a MAJOR Shift towards a License-Free Operating Model fostering business growth.

Tribeless Warriors - Tomorrow's employees global-office-work-home-play anywhere and on any device.

There are now two distinct tribes within our society. There are the “digital nomads” whose work follows them around the world, and the “digital settlers” whose work follows them home.


Tomorrow's business requires creating an environment suitable to All Tribes. Office-work-home-play as a system of unity not discord; Creating ultimate harmony and full balance with IT platforms that make us all function effectively at any time and place where we are at our most productive.


At the onset, businesses must:

  • Enable Anywhere, Any-Device, Any-OS secured VPN access for both data and voice
  • Provide tools for secure collaboration and file sharing.
  • Allow the use of easy and sophisticated GUI's for employee self management of their presence and IT resource.
  • Finally, improve efficiency through process automation and mobility applications



Optimizing Customer


Fostering secure multichannel customer interaction with qualitative feedback and analytics capability.

The financial reality behind optimized customer service delivery is easy to comprehend. If people like your service, they may come back again. If people love your service, they’ll definitely pick you over competitors. And if people can’t get an equivalent to your service, they’ll not only be dedicated to you but will spread the word to all their friends, too.


It is therefore the goal of any business to go from expected to exceptional, by efficiently resourcing towards borderless customer care across all technological mediums.


  • Omni-channel integration into a seamless, consistent, and contextual customer experience
  • Optimize customer communication with dynamic call routing and service agent (sales/support) ON/OFF logging at peak demands
  • Turn insights into action, utilizing advanced analytics to better understand your customers.
  • Extend CFU boundaries through mobility applications, mobile forms, and process automation.
  • Improved interaction and content delivery with secure file sharing and customer access portals.
  • Reduce wait-time with automated form handling, approval chains, and cross-system data entry/manipulation.

There are many benefits to virtualized cloud based infrastructure but none greater than owning it yourself !

Security Appliance

  • Network Security
  • Redundant Paths & Load Balancing
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention
  • Site Connectivity
  • VPN Remote Access
  • Service Level Control
  • Reporting & Monitoring

Component / Module

Core Benefit

Edge Benefit



  • RAID-Z, Hardware Failure Protection
  • ZFS, snapshots of the entire file system
  • Replication (Complete Failure Protection)
  • Protection from Ransomware & Malware
  • 70% lower TCO than AWS
  • High Speed High Availability Access
  • Scalable Virtualization Platform



  • Complete control over service providers
  • On-Demand Any-Where/Device presence
  • Unified omni-medium communication
  • Dynamic Trunk (70%-90% cost reduction)
  • Automated cross-network outing
  • Reduced customer wait-time
  • Enterprise Switching Functionality



  • License Free Software Model
  • Future-proof OS Compliance
  • Database Ownership / Security
  • Fractional OPEX (Mail, CRM, ERP, etc..)
  • Time to Deployment (New Applications)
  • Secure File Sharing & Collaboration
  • Process Automation / Optimization
l Protection l Availability l Unification

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