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IT&T systems are essential components of every commercial, industrial, utility and government business. Getting the right advice for your business is essential.

Our consultants are skilled in understanding your specific requirements to ensure you receive professional, practical and independent advice that meets your business needs.

"Most Businesses, despite implementing a new system, maintain the same business process and procedures. In some cases, we have seen workarounds developed so the new system will deliver the same outputs as were previously available."

Solving the Challenges of Business Tomorrow

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We work with businesses across every industry to develop effective technology strategies and realise the full potential of their IT investments. Our Business Technology practice helps our clients think about, and implement, technology as a powerful tool for achieving strategic business objectives.


We provide Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Automation (BPA) optimising and streamlining information flows to deliver our clients a competitive advantage that drives bottom-line results.


By developing and integrating the right processes, we extend our client's functionality to enable automation, creating customized linkages between disparate application systems, eliminating manual data entry, processing and correspondence, increasing the integrity of your data, and implementing governance structures to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.


We collaborate with our clients to set the direction of their IT infrastructure and create a strong foundation to support enterprise applications that add true business value. We provide fresh, independent thinking and expertise in infrastructure assessment and strategies, data centre facilities, cloud computing and infrastructure sourcing.

We deliver on the promise of BI and analytics. We help our clients develop actionable insights they can use now based on deep understanding of their business data. Our expertise span from business intelligence, to strategy, process optimisation, competitive analysis, infrastructure design, program execution, logistics, and much much more...


Most importantly we show our clients how to optimise their current processes, and implement governance practices to achieve high level of data quality and integrity



We advance our clients’ productivity and strategic goals by bringing together the expertise and independent perspective it takes to select, architect, implement and determine how to manage critical enterprise applications.


Our services include software strategy, design, delivery, and process improvement, delivered with an understanding that, despite its technical nature, software development and maintenance is a people-centric activity.


CryptoLocker and ransomware attacks have gained prominence recently for both their frequency and their unique method of attack. Ransomware is a form of malware that infects a user’s computer, or business servers, encrypts the data on it, and demands payment in exchange for restoring the files.


Failure to pay means the files are destroyed forever. These attacks can be devastating and have caused millions in damages.


With the right tools, businesses can keep their data safe.

Globalgen is proud to introduce the most cost-effective and versatile I.T platform available in the market, solving the greatest problems faced by businesses through innovative technologies.

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