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A global team of experts specialising in all facets of IT & ICT, Infrastructure Development, Big-Data Visualisations, and Process Automation, building business solutions for clients that push the boundaries of possibilities, giving them a competitive advantage that drives bottom-line results.

The emergence of next generation networks, new technologies and public/private clouds pose significant challenges to businesses and IT providers. Integration of next generation network technologies with mobile friendly front ends and secure back bones requires specialist expertise and design.

Our consultants are skilled in understanding your specific requirements to ensure you receive professional, practical and independent advice that meets your business needs.

From an IT and communication perspective, its all about layers of convergence,

Realising that most businesses can't rely on the traditional Open Source "self-support" model for their mission-critical and sensitive data storage, nor can they afford to spend the time, manpower, and effort building and supporting their own homegrown data-sharing solutions, the team at Globalgen combined both hardware and software features into a preconfigured, ready to rock system, providing secure file sharing and storage in a single hardware unit.

All-In-One Server Virtualization

The big news is Globalgen's infrastructure can now also run virtual machines for operating systems such as FreeBSD, Linux, TrueOS, NetBSD and Windows, and unify even more services including VoIP/SIP Trunking, SAN, NAS, object storage and virtual machine services. Protocols include NFS, SMB, AFP, iSCSI and S3 APIs. Consequently providing businesses with an infrastructure capable of vertical and horizontal growth accommodating all current platforms, devices, and applications, as well as any future unknown requirements.


In short a one-off infrastructure investment model to last decades of unpredictable change to the your business landscape


Future Proofing Business



Corporate Data Protection



Next Generation Communication


Self-healing ZFS-based file system that keeps a VM’s data safe

Certified with Citrix, Hyper-V, and VMware and supports other hypervisors to make deployment easy

Performance  that ensures every VM I/O meets service levels

On Average... We save businesses 50% on their I.T. licensing and general running costs and up-to 80% off their monthly voice/data services.

Clone VMs instantaneously with no network or storage overhead

Unified file & block access that supports every VM and server

Integrated with vCenter, vSphere snapshots, VAAI, ODX, & VSS, to lower TCO


Managed IT Services


Creating Sustainable Business Value

By contrast to most traditional architectures, a Future-Proof IT platform requires a solution that combines the flexibility of unified storage, the performance and efficiency of solid state flash drives, the capacity of hard disks, the familiarity and simplified management of virtualization, and white glove enterprise support.


We offer scalable vendor agnostic solutions from entry level to Big-Data processing, that quickly migrate businesses to fully scalable & License-Free operation, placing your company on a path towards success, achieving strong technical adoption at maximum business value.

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